QuoteOnSite + Stripe

Get paid on quote acceptance or direct from invoice, powered by Stripe.
  • Increase revenue
  • Improve cashflow
  • Simplify your workflow

Make it easier for clients to buy from you

Take payment on selected quotes and promotional campaigns instantly and securely.

1. Connect QuoteOnSite to Stripe

Enable Stripe payments in QuoteOnSite with your Stripe access keys.

If you don’t yet have a Stripe account, create one here …

Log in to your Stripe account and click on the Developers > API Keys menu option. 

Log in to your QuoteOnSite account and go to Admin > Settings > Integration page.

Enable Stripe Payments and enter your Stripe Keys and Save.

2. Enable Stripe Payments for a Quote or Template

Once you’ve got your Stripe details saved in QuoteOnSite, you can specify that a Quote or Template document requires “Payment on Acceptance”.

Go to the Quote or Template, click on the Document Details tab and select the “Pay on Acceptance” option.

This can also be set on Templates to create a default state of Payment on Acceptance.

3. Streamlined Quote Acceptance

Payments are processed securely and are PCI compliant (no details are stored locally).

On acceptance, an invoice is generated in QuoteOnSite automatically and marked as paid on completion.